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Jewish Philanthropy Podcast

Feb 21, 2022



Ezra S. Levine

Topic: Risk & Reward

Guest: Ezra S. Levine

Ezra is CEO of Collectable, the #1 fractional investment platform for sports. He is a former Portfolio Manager at Hilltop Park, a NYC-based hedge fund in the Sports, Media, Consumer and Entertainment industries. He was also CFO & CSO of The Spring League. He has an MBA from NYU Stern. Levine has been featured by BusinessInsider, Barstool, Bloomberg, CNN, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Sportico, and more.

In this riveting episode, we explore:

1. The Rabbi's Son

2. Love for Sports & Markets

3. The Gift of Stuttering

4. Kevin Garnett & Emmitt Smith/Big Announcement

5. Food & Shelter

6. Family as Core & an Oasis

7. Mom's Not Such Good Advice

And much more!