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Jewish Philanthropy Podcast

Aug 23, 2022

Na'ama Ore

Topic: Leveraging Impact
Guest: Na'ama Ore
Na'ama Ore, is the CEO of SparkIL. 
SparkIL is a new first-of-its-kind peer-to-peer lending platform where individuals can give interest-free loans to small businesses in Israel (see press release attached). As such, it's poised to change the face of the way...

Aug 2, 2022

Greg Zuckerman

Topic: Together Again: Reimagining the Relationships that Anchor Our Lives (Mosaica Press 2022)
Guests: Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen in conversation with Greg Zuckerman of the WSJ on the launch of Rabbi Cohen's new book on relationships.

Gregory Zuckerman ( is a Special Writer at The Wall...