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Jewish Philanthropy Podcast

Mar 20, 2022

Eli Verschleiser

Topic: Wearing His Heart on His Sleeve

Guest: Eli Verschleiser
Chairman at The Verschleiser Family Foundation, OurPlace, &
When one realizes that we only live once, & do not take our cash along, they then obtain the ability to make a real difference. Eli's world is dedicated to Philanthropy, Fighting for the Underdog, & helping others get another chance. (A bit of Real Estate Finance, Acquisition, and Investments on the side)

In this heart-tugging episode, we explore:

1. The Impact of a Rebbe

2. Living on the Streets

3. The shocking reality of abuse in our communities

4. Not really being able to stand in the shoes of another

5. Can One Give Away Too Much?

6. The Influence of an Amazing Wife

7. Different Forms of Education

And much more!